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We want to help you have a successful event. In order to do so, we require that you register your group with us and receive written confirmation from the End of Watch Foundation before using the End of Watch Memorial Ruck name for your monthly ruck.

This also helps us know where you are located and support you. If you are in the southeast, we may be able to join you!

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Contact/Point Person

Looking for a ruck to join near you? Check our blog and find groups active in your area!

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About Monthly Rucks



Each monthly ruck should target one mile for every officer down in the prior month as reported by the Officer Down Memorial Page (odmp.org). For example, if we are looking to ruck in June, then we would set our mile goal based on the officers lost in the month of May.

This distance does not have to be done all at once and if a participant does not feel they are capable of doing the distance, we have found success in working with participants to do what they can and feel comfortable with.

This information will also be reported on our website (eowf.org) and in our newsletter.

- Pensacola, Florida

- Mobile, Alabama


We encourage participants to try to carry twenty (20) pounds in their ruck for the monthly ruck.

This weight represents the average weight of the daily carry that an officer on duty would have. However, if participants do not feel comfortable with this amount, any weight (or no weight) is acceptable.


We want to hear about your ruck! Please connect with us on Social Media. We encourage you and your ruckers to use the hashtag #eowmr so that we can show our support.

Additionally, we have a private group for athletes who have participated in our events and would like to invite you and your fellow ruckers to join us. To learn more about the private group, please visit EOWMR Athletes.


- Pensacola, Florida

How Do We Support You?

Once we have approved your event, we will coordinate getting you our monthly event kit at cost that includes: one (1) flag and ten (10) EOWF armbands, five (5) EOWF patches, and a discount code for your club for your monthly ruck participants.