Our Mission

Honoring the Fallen.


At the End of Watch Foundation, our mission focuses on two areas: honoring the fallen and supporting those still on watch. We do this by partnering with local organizations that provide support for first responders and assisting in individual cases when we can.

Men and women across this country leave their homes and families to protect their communities. Too often, they are engaged in dangerous and difficult situations in the service of their community and country. Tragically, this call to service can require them to sacrifice everything - up to and including their life.

We want to make sure that their sacrifice does not go unnoticed.

Everything we do here at the End of Watch Foundation is meant to help bring awareness to the job and sacrifices made by our first responders. From the weight carried to the miles rucked and the teamwork required to complete the mission, we work to communicates this message of remembering the burden carried by our first responders, their legacy, and the teamwork required to get everyone home safely.

Each mile we ruck is to honor the officers down - as a way of “walking a mile in their shoes.” Each weight we carry is dedicated to each officer who died in the line of duty. This weight also represents the burden officers carry home each day at the end of his or her shift. Teams are kept small to encourage teamwork similar to how a shift on duty must work together to carry that burden. Our annual event runs 24-hours a day to represent the dark and sunny times our first responders may go through.

On our monthly rucks, we carry 20 pounds to match the average weight of duty gear an officer carries daily while maintaining the “one mile per officer down” standard.

We diligently work to support those families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty and help support those still on watch when in times of need.

Help us as we work to take care of those who take care of us all. and thank you for your interest in the End of Watch Foundation.

If you wish to join us in our mission to honor the fallen and take care of our first responders or if you are aware of a situation that you think we may can help with, please take the time to contact us as we would love to hear from you.

Your support will go directly the assistance of our first responder family.

Take care,

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Caleb Cook
President & Founder