2019 EOWMR Leg 1 Instructions & Checkpoints


Meeting Time & Location

Meeting Time

May 16, 2019 at 7:00AM

Step-Off Time

8:00am SHARP

Meeting Location

Santa Rosa County Fairgrounds Arena

8604 Bobby Brown Road
Milton, Florida 32583 (Google Maps)

Route Summary & Checkpoints

Checkpoint 1 - 3 Miles (Map)

9:00 AM - HWY 87 / North Lynn Road

Checkpoint 2 - 6.5 miles (Map)

10:10 AM - HWY 87 / South end of Yellow River Bridge

Checkpoint 3 - 9 miles (Map)

11:00 AM - HWY 87 / No landmarks, at 9.8 miles there is a guard rail

Checkpoint 4 - 12 Miles (Map)

12:00 PM - HWY 87 / Stop sign on the right. Median U-Turn Lane.

Checkpoint 5 - 15 Miles (map)

1:00 PM - Jesse Road

Checkpoint 6 - 18 Miles (Map)

2:00 PM - East River Boat Ramp

Checkpoint 7 - 19.7 Miles (map)

2:30 PM - Turn left at High School Blvd. to Navarre District Office

Driver Instructions


Emergency Vehicle Escort Drivers

Your duties will be to help keep the athletes safe.

There are two of you per leg which means one in front and one in the back. You will be provided the channel to switch your radio to so you communicate with each other, the rest of the convoy vehicles, and with EOC. You will need to give periodic location updates of our progress to the EOC designee who will be keeping track of us.  

When you approach a curve, hill, or intersection the lead vehicle will need to move ahead just a little bit to give those who may be in a blind spot some warning that we are coming. Then as the team exits the curve, hill or intersection the chase patrol car will need to hang back just a little so those coming up from behind won’t be surprised when they crest the hill or curve. Be sure not to make such a large gap that other vehicles feel free to enter in mid-convoy.

Supply and Passenger Van

Your job is to take care of the ruckers who need a break or supplies.

You will be carrying drinks and snacks, and will be a place for the ones who need a break to sit and catch their breath. Be mindful of those hopping on and off the vehicle as well as those walking near the vehicle and the other convoy trucks in front of and behind you. You will have a radio with you in the truck which will be your direct line to the other vehicles in the convoy and to EOC.

The driver of the passneger van may be requested to help transport atheltes back to their cars at the end of their leg. You will be able to catch up and rejoin the convoy once the task is complete.

Supply and passenger van drivers must be insured and licensed drivers. Please email a photo or scan of the following to eowmrinfo@gmail.com no later than Wednesday, May 8, 2019, along with a signed copy of McKenzie Motors’ waiver.